Hosted Predictive Dialer.

For a fraction of the price of a traditional system, you can have Sales Technologies’ on-demand, feature-rich Predictive Dialing Platform. There is no need to buy any hardware, software, phone lines or T1 circuits. All that's required are PCs and a broadband connection. Your agents can be located anywhere in the world. The Gunslinger is so easy to set up and use, your call center will be up and running with true Predictive Dialing in 60 minutes or less.

On-premise dialers are constrained by expensive T1 lines that offer limited capacity. Foolishly, most other hosted dialers restrict your agents to 3 dialing lines. Without the ability to add lines as needed, wait time will rear its ugly head. Bring The Gunslinger home today and banish wait time forever.


Web lead Power Dialer.

Our unique instant response technology captures each web lead as it is created and fires off a return call within seconds. When prospects don’t answer the phone, The Sharpshooter can automatically send them text and email messages, inviting them to call you. These return calls are routed back to the sales team.

Unlike poorly-conceived competitors’ products, which distribute leads directly to sales agents -- trusting they’ll be tenacious enough to keep pursuing older leads -- The Sharpshooter retains ownership of every lead. Through pre-established follow-up rules (defined by you), The Sharpshooter continues to pursue every lead until contact has been achieved. First contact and 100% lead penetration are within your sights!


Lead Manager/Workflow/CRM.

As your company's sales process becomes more sophisticated, it also becomes more complicated. If overseeing a lot of steps is required to keep your sales machine running smoothly, GoldRush makes your life easier by managing and organizing most of those steps for you! GoldRush keeps your sales pipeline flowing by automatically funneling leads to the next steps in the conversion process.

GoldRush also gives you and your management an instant snapshot of how the sales funnel looks at any given moment, so you can pinpoint opportunities early and spot potential problems (like bottlenecks and breakdowns) before they cause lost sales. With GoldRush, you can manage more sales opportunities and close more business because we do the hard work for you!


Complimentary Setup & Training.

If you are a sales office or call center, our professionals will get you set up and into production for free. There are no commitments or up-front costs associated with trying any or all of our solutions. Our products are for serious professionals and our installers are experts in delivering sales success.

With over 99% of our trial customers electing to become clients, we are happy to earn your business. If you have unique needs or require custom programming and the project is right, there is a good chance we will do that work for free to win your business. For those who need extra hand-holding, our staff can make office visits. Call us today and find out how passionate we are about your sales success.

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What's New?


Agent Compliance Management: The Gunslinger adds the ability to restrict agent connections only to "live answers" they are authorized to accept. For example, mortgage representatives will only receive "live answers" in states where they are licensed to do business. If you have territories or licensing requirements, this is a must-have feature.

MAY 22

Accepting Credit Cards: The Gunslinger adds a merchant account processing module and is PCI Compliant. For clients who accept credit cards, The Gunslinger can process orders within a dialer session. Now sales agents can pitch, close, process a sales order or accept a donation without having to switch applications.

FEB 10

Dynamic Caller Identity: Sales Technologies launches a new feature for The Gunslinger Hosted Predictive Dialer. Now clients can enable Dynamic Caller Identity and see a different Caller ID display every time a lead is dialed. Dynamic Caller Identity will use a caller ID from a pool of pre-selected caller IDs and track, per lead, the caller IDs that are displayed. Whenever a call goes unanswered, Dynamic Caller Identity will automatically select a new Caller ID on the next dial attempt. Dynamic Caller Identity improves answer rates by as much as 40% over a static Caller ID implementation.

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Important Facts

Not all Predictive Dialers are created equal. Hosted or on-premise, your enemy is wait time! See how The Gunslinger makes wait time dance to your tune.

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Web leads are expensive! Make sure each and every one of them is contacted. Let The Sharpshooter manage the entire parade of leads for you.

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With a complex sales and/or boarding process, it’s easy to get lost in information overload. Learn how GoldRush handles complexity and does the data mining for you!

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